In order to effectively control and stabilize the quality of our products, LINKISS physical laboratory is equipped with a variety of professional measurement equipment, such as ENA-T DR, 2.5D - Image Processing Measuring Instrument, 3D - Image Processing Measuring Instrument, DC Resistance Meter, Tensile Strength Testing Machine, Insulation Thickness Gauge , Specific Gravity Balance, Hardness Tester, Aging Tester Machine, 0~180 Bending Test Machine, 0~360 Bending Test Machine, Flame Resistance Tester, Pressure Tester, Comprehensive electrical testing machine , Constant Temperature and Humidity Tester, High Frequency Tester, Plugging Force Tester
Diversified physical inspection equipment and regular maintenance enhance the highest quality and capability of LINKISS self-inspection, which we believe is a commitment and guarantee to our customers who trust LINKISS.