Competitive price:
Linkiss Group is able to manufacture wire material by vertical integration. By this advantage, we can lower the cost and face the market competitiveness with our customer together.   



 High Quality:



Linkiss' Quality Management system is based on 3 certifications : ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and Sony green partner. Holding these 3 approvals shows how deeply Linkiss' Cable is involved in meeting the needs of customers for any high tech applications.


Mechanical Characteristics-

-Resistance to shock combined flex, winding, unwinding.

-Vibration equipment and combined "shake and bake" test.

-Tesile strength

Electrical Characteristics-

-Test bench to check continuity, insulation resistance. dielectric strength, attenuation.

-Transfer impedance test bench(EM).

-Network analyzer to check insertion loss and return loss.

-Eye pattern test bench up to 12.5 Gb/s.

-Bit Error Rate tester up to 3.4Gb/s.

-Sampling scope/TDR up to 50GHz band with.

Environmental Characteristics-

-Resistance to salt spray, thermal shock, autoclaving, accelerated aging, humidity.

-Resistance to flame.